The Benefits of Magnetic Signage and Why You Should Brand Your Auto

Often times the best way to market your business is a simple factor that you overlook. Some companies have so much money they can stroll down every avenue of promotion with no harm done. But what about the little guys? What about the companies that do not have the funding for big-time advertising. They have to get inventive. They have to use what they have. One thing that most business owners have is a car and that automobile can be a great branding tool. This is where magnetic signage comes in.

What is Magnetic Signage

Fun car magnets is not a new concept but it is a fast and easy way of getting your business mobile. You simply print your graphic on a magnetic mat and affix it to your car. Done. Your vehicle is now a movable billboard that will proclaim your existence to passerby. Magnetic signs are very easy to come by. You can pick them up in both brick and mortar as well as online. The signs can be fully customized to your specifications and can cost as low as $8 dollars. They are also very easy to operate as you just toss them onto your auto and drive off.


If you think about it thousands of people commute from point A to point B every day. They also get lunch at point D, stop off at point E to grab groceries, or hit that necessary coffee shop at point C. You probably do a little driving in your day to day as well. A magnetic sign will advertise to everyone driving around you. When you stop at a light people in adjacent cars can take down your information. Sure, the person in the yellow SUV may not need your specific services today but what about tomorrow? What if the lady n the white four-door sedan has a sister in need of what your business offers? The saturation you could receive from just one magnetic sign on your auto could be widespread. So the first benefit to using a magnetic sign is that it takes your business mobile the minute you drive out of your garage.

Another benefit is that it spreads your reputation similar to how Printmoz the print company does. Let’s say that you are a roofer and you get called to a job in a quiet little neighborhood. People living in that neighborhood will see your signage. When you do a good job and leave a pristine roof in your wake the neighbors will remember you. Next time they, or someone they know, need some roofing you will be number they call. No matter what your company does a sign will ultimately mark the people you serve. This will make them a good point of information for curious consumers to mine. Signs also legitimize businesses. A sign says that you are serious, official, and not afraid to be branded by the work you provide. Putting your name out there can have negative effects as well, so when you take the risk it makes customers more confident in you.

Besides being cheap and easy to use a final benefit to magnetic signage is that there is no damage to the vehicle. You put the sign on and peel the sign off. Easy. No need to paint the car in a way that cannot be reversed. It also gives you the option to remove the sign anytime you want so you can pick and choose when your vehicle will be an advertisement.


Using a sign will only aid your business if you go about it the right way. Simply driving from home to work and back is not going to do much. In order to get the most from your sign you have to utilize a little strategy. The first thing you can do is make your sign engaging. There is a lot to take in when one is out and about, so when you are driving around you are vying for attention. This means your sign needs to be an attention grabber. It has to have some flash that pulls focus so in the few moments people have to look around they find your sign first.

You also want your sign to be enticing. Sure, you may be able to grab people’s attention but that does not mean they will call you. Something has to make them seek you out. This is why it is a good idea to advertise specials and discounts on your sign. A great move is to give whoever calls you because of the sign as a bonus. This means they get something just for seeing your sign. Anything that saves potential customers money is worth consideration. So if you include a special or discount on your sign passerby will definitely take it under consideration.

Saturation is another great strategy you can apply to the use of signs. Your auto does not have to be the only one wearing a brand. If you have employees, good friends, or family that are willing to use signs it increases your mobility. Now your signs are traveling more places and being seen by a greater wealth of people. If you have a fleet of company cars put signs on all of them. Not only is this a great way to increase saturation it also enhances legitimacy. A business with a fleet of cars is a trustworthy business to choose from.

You should also keep yourself apprised of upcoming events. If someone you know is going to a huge social gathering this marks an opportunity to market. Even if the car wearing the brand is parked it still advertises your business. The parking lot of a big event will see a lot of traffic and will further extend your reach.